portable oxygen concentrator repair

Welcome to Oxygen Sales & Service, Inc., a South Florida corporation specializing the repair and rebuilding of oxygen concentrators since 1993.
With offices in Miami and Puerto Rico, we are one of the largest suppliers of refurbished concentrators in the United States and Latin America, offering:

  • Over 18 years experience in concentrator repairs, compressor rebuilds, and sieve-bed repours.
  • Stringent control practices in our warehouse to ensure that our concentrators meet the highest industry standards.
  • ISO-certified and factory-trained technicians.
  • Extensive inventory of replacement parts, including filters, on/off switches, circuit breakers, wheels, flowmeters, cabinet fittings and fasteners, outlet ports, check valves and regulators.
  • Competitive pricing as a result of our extensive inventory and long-standing business relationship with our suppliers.

We are especially excited that HSI Medical has merged with us. Check out our services on Liquid Oxygen Repair.
Oxygen Sales & Service, Inc. is a certified service provider for Respironics, Sunrise Medical and Accurate Medical in the state of Florida.
Our commitment to quality and our years of experience make us your choice for oxygen equipment and repairs. Call or e-mail us now for a free estimate.

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All of our work carries a one year warranty and is performed by our certified and factory-trained biomedical services specialists. We perform strict quality control on our products and stand behind our work.

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List of services

– Portable oxygen concentrator repair.

– Oxygen concentrator repair.

– Concentrator compressor repair.

– Liquid oxygen repair.

– Portable liquid oxygen repair.

– Base liquid oxygen repair.

Our highly trained technicians will diagnose, repair and test your oxygen concentrators to ensure that your unit meets or exceeds OEM's performance standards. Our extensive experience with all models of concentrators and our high-quality service make us your choice for outsourcing concentrator repairs performance standards.

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